Friday, April 19, 2013

Brain Mumbles

Maybe it's the rain, but my brain will not latch onto anything, not any one thing. What's a term for being tongue-tied with writing and/or photography? It feels like trying to say "goat snouts mouths" over and over quickly. 

 Go ahead and try it.

That's what my brain feels like.

So the solution is to post nothing? Though I'm more likely to shoot off a "roll" of blah photos than I am to scribble random thoughts, I'm reluctant to post them.  So I just park myself in a corner and sulk.

It's been a year, yet I'm still a total beginner at this blogging thing.  My dear friend (and fabulous blogger)  Dee Dee recently reminded me that not every post needs to be "perfect."  Not every image needs a reason beyond my liking it.

I like this image   

And not every word needs to be anything more than mine.

Maybe I just need to air out my thoughts--once the rain stops--take a deep breath . . . and admire some plant hairs.

I like this image too